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Oast - $125/8 Hour Session

Pelletizing - FLAT RATE*


*Quantity Discounts may be available, please inquire.

                    Wolf Harvester on site 

           - Grower will need to haul in

              (under an hour travel time)

           - Grower will need to haul out waste  

              (or, $50 removal fee)

           - Flat rate by hour usage 

              ** $150/hr running time

           Mylar - Nitrogen Flushed Packaging
             11 lb. bag ($7.50) -  5 lb. bag ($5.00)

             1 lb. bag ($2.00) -  2 oz bag (0.95)                                Grower decides bag size

               Bags and Boxes will be labeled                           Grower, Variety, Wt.

           *Bag Fee includes all of the above*